How Much Does a 40×200 Metal RV Storage Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer solutions across a wide range of industries, and this includes the rapidly growing self-storage sector. Many storage facility owners, for example, have begun adding covered RV parking to their facilities and have found that the sturdy, red I-beams of a pre-engineered metal buildings provide a sense of security and peace of mind – for themselves and their customers!

Wide Open Structures

Pre-engineered metal buildings allow for clearspan framelines and wide bays free of columns or smaller bracing members. This creates a floor space with much more flexibility than that provided by the light gage structures usually found in mini storage facilities.

40’ x 200’ RV building, for example, has 25’ wide bays that are 40’ deep with no walls or columns in between (though affordable options are available if partitions are desired).

Efficient Design

While gable-style roofs are not unheard of, most RV storage owners opt to use single slope roofs. This allows rain water to run off the lower eave and eliminates the need for gutters and downspouts in most scenarios. In most cases, it also makes for a simpler construction process and requires less overall steel – saving you both time and money.

Our example 40’ x 200’ building has a low eave at 14’ and a high eave at 15’-8” with a single slope roof pitched at 1:12.

Doors Are Optional

Most RV storage owners leave one wall of their structure open in order to save money or accommodate the occasional longer vehicle or trailer. Another option would be to enclose the space, put in partition walls between units, and then add overhead doors. Your metal building representative will be able to help you determine the best course of action for your project.

The 40’ x 200’ building in our example has left the high wall open for ease of use.

So How Much Does a 40’ x 200’ Metal RV Storage Building Cost?

They may use a heavier gage than your average mini storage building, but pre-engineered metal buildings offer a competitive price! With an open wall, a 14’ low eave, and 1:12 single slope roof, your 40’ x 200’ RV storage building would only cost between $36,940 and $39,980 before delivery! That translates to only $4.62 to $4.99 per square foot!

Doors and Insulation Options

Should you decide to provide doors in your RV building, you will have a variety of options to choose from. Besides the roll-up and overhead doors for the RVs themselves, there are steel and glass entry doors available that can help your units stand out to your customers.

Another popular accessory is fiberglass blanket insulation – specifically the 3” thick R-10 fiberglass with white facing – as it can be placed in the roof of your structure to prevent condensation from forming. This helps to protect your customers vehicles for minimal investment.

Insulating the roof of your 40’ x 200’ RV storage building with 3” R10 fiberglass would only cost around $3,780!

The prices above were determined in August of 2019 and are subject to change. Building Prices assume erection in a non-snow area with typical, low windspeeds and may vary depending on local code requirements, accessories, and any special design elements.

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