Insulating Under Metal Building Roofs


In order to combat heat loss and condensation that builds up with moisture, most building manufactures recommend insulating a metal roof. This is the minimum requirement as it’s typically best to insulate the entire structure.

Performance values of metal buildings are increased when insulating under a metal roof. The roof has the most surface area exposed directly to the outside elements. This makes them more susceptible to wear and tear. Keeping this area sealed with a proper and quality insulation system will benefit your steel building for years to come.

In general, insulating a metal building with decrease the cost of ownership. Energy costs associated with heating and cooling systems are kept at a minimum as their use is less frequent or exhausting than in other buildings.

If appeal is of a concern, insulation only improves this element of your building. It provides a clear, clean and professional look and finish.

Heavy rains and snow that build up around the metal building can create a cold outside panel and condensation will most likely develop. Condensation always forms on the warm air side similar to a glass of ice water. Water forms on the outside of the glass.

Choose an insulation with an R-value that will work for you climate controlled environment. Saving just $100 per month in energy costs can add up to $24,000 over a 20 year life span.

Protect your building by investing in quality insulation.