How Much Does a 1,000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer customers a wide variety of design solutions for any building project – large or small. If you need durable and affordable option for a 1,000 square foot space, then you will likely find a metal building to be the perfect choice! You could configure your building to be any of the following:

  • Private Workshop
  • Small Auto Repair Shop
  • Equipment Cover
  • Storage Building
  • Office Space
  • In-Law Suite
  • And Much More!

The price of your building will largely depend on its overall dimensions. Different widths and lengths determine how efficiently metal building engineers are able to use their steel – at this size, however, the price difference will be fairly negligible! Here are a couple 1,000 square foot examples:

24x40 Metal Building

How much does a 25’ x 40’ metal building cost?

This width and length is a popular option for residential owners and businesses looking for private work space or extra storage – though it could easily be finished out to fill any number of applications – and this 1,000 square foot metal building is available for somewhere between $11,040 and $11,960 before delivery. That’s only $11.04 to $11.96 per square foot!

The 20’ wide bays that make up the 40’ length of this building are very cost efficient as they place a low amount of stress on the z-shaped secondary framing members (called girts) between your columns, meaning less material can be used.

How much does a 20’ x 50’ metal building cost?

Some properties and applications make it necessary to put up a narrower but longer metal building. Compared to a the 25’ x 40’ building, your 20’ x 50’ will use 25’ wide bays that require longer and slightly heavier girts. At this size the price difference is very small, and this building is only $11,300 to $12,240 – or 1,000 square feet at $11.30 to $12.24 per square foot!

Accessories and Insulation

Once you have determined the overall dimensions of your building you will also want to choose some accessories. A variety of steel and glass entry doors, windows, and garage doors are available to you and your metal building representative will be able to help you make the appropriate selection.

One accessory that is recommended for any metal building is fiberglass blanket insulation. With a clean, white interior facing, blanket insulation will help keep your building cool and could potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the years.

Your popular standard is 4” R-13, as it can be simply installed between the sheeting and framing of your building during erection and offers great value. The blankets are cut to fit your structure so, once again, the dimensions of your building matters. Using the examples above:

Insulating the roof and walls of a 25’ x 40’ metal building with 4” R-13 insulation would only cost between $1,680 and $1,820.

Insulating the roof and walls of a 20’ x 50’ metal building with 4” R-13 insulation would only cost between $1,780 and $1,930.

Metal Building Insulation Supplies
Steel Building Insulation Kit

The prices above were determined in July of 2019 and are subject to change. Building Prices assume erection in a non-snow area with typical, low windspeeds and may vary depending on local code requirements or any special design elements.

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