How Much Does a 60’ x 150’ Metal Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer numerous opportunities for cost savings when compared to other, conventional structures. Your 60’ x 150’ metal building will have a substantial 9,000 square feet of space that is affordably priced, engineered to last, and custom designed to fit the needs of your project. Your building could be perfect as any of the following:

  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Church Sanctuary
  • Manufacturing Shop
  • Multi Bay Aircraft Hangar
  • Large Retail Space
  • And Much More!

Made-to-order design does not have to be expensive, and your 60’ x 150’ building would cost between $10.90 and $11.82 before shipping, as of July 2021! That translates to between $91,180.00 and $106,360.00 for your building package!

This price assumes erection in a non-snow area with standard, low windspeeds and may vary depending on local code requirements or any special design elements.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

60x150 Metal Buildings
Steel Garage Doors

Numerous Accessories

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to accommodate a variety of accessories and design conditions, and can even be designed with future accessories in mind to save time and money later! Overhead doors, roll-up doors, and steel or glass entry doors are available to choose from, for example, or your building could be made to accommodate large cranes or hangar doors depending on your needs.

Other accessories include cupolas for agricultural buildings and riding arenas; translucent sky light panels that can brighten your factory floor; and various ventilation options for the roof, walls, or both. In any scenario, your metal building representative should be available to answer any questions you might have about accessories.

Energy Savings

Fiberglass blanket insulation is one accessory that is worth consideration for any metal building. Not only will it help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars over the life of your building, but it also helps prevent condensation! You can also choose between a clean white or black interior finish.

4” R-13 is the most popular thickness, as it is simple to install during the erection of your building and offers an excellent thermal value for its price. In fact, you could insulate the roof and walls of your 60’ x 150’ metal building for only $8,190.00 to $8,830.00 before shipping as of June 2019! Your blankets will even be custom cut to fit the shape of your building and help with installation.

Higher thermal values are also available by adding an additional layer of insulation to your ceiling. One common setup is the R-30 banded system, which uses 20 gage steel banding to keep the materials in place. Your 4” R-13 package could be upgraded to include a double-layer R-30 roof system for only an additional $7,125.00! This includes the necessary steel banding and tape.

Double Layer Insulation

Standing Seam Roof Option

The metal sheeting on your roof will expand and contract with temperature changes. In your typical screw down roof – even when it has been well-installed – this movement will eventually stress your fasteners to the point that they need replacing. This especially common in buildings 60’ wide or wider.
Because of this, many metal building owners will instead opt to use a standing seam roof. These roofs have been specially designed to counteract the movement caused by temperature changes, and they do this by placing the sheeting on sliding clips that move with any expansion or contraction. This helps ensure a water-tight building and results in a roof that requires minimal maintenance!

If this is something you would be interested in, then please let your metal building representative know. Pricing may vary depending on the nature and location of your project.

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How Much Does a 60×150 Metal Building Cost?

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