How Much Does a 40×75 Metal Building Cost?

Cost-efficient, easy to erect, and made to last – pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option when considering your new building project. And there is plenty of space to worth with inside of a 40’ x 75’ metal building. 3,000 square feet custom made to fit your vision, which might be one of the following:

  • Auto Service Center
  • Large Equipment / Storage Barn
  • Residential Space
  • Retail or Office Space
  • Hobby Aircraft Hangar
  • And More!

At this size, engineers are able to design more efficiently, allowing for an economical building that makes the fullest use of the qualities found in steel. Your 40’ x 75’ building, for example, would only cost between $51,200 and $71,500 plus shipping as of June 2022 – roughly $17.66 to $124.84 per square foot! This price assumes a standard 14’ eave height and design for a non-snow area with light wind speeds and may vary depending on code and load requirements.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

40x75 Steel Building

Designed for Affordability

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer flexible and inexpensive design solutions. By taking your local codes and load requirements into account, along with the special engineering or accessory needs of your project, metal building engineers can design for maximally efficient buildings that save you money when compared to conventional structures. They can even design for future expansions or modifications in order to make your life easier when the time comes.

As mentioned before, a 40’ x 75’ building has the right footprint for a small, conventional aircraft hangar. Bi-fold, double-sliding, and other varieties of hangar doors are available depending on the needs of your project; and mezzanines can be placed in the building in order to create office and clubroom space above with storage space below! Just keep in mind that the price of your building will change in order to accommodate the hangar door and its engineering.

Steel Building Doors
Metal Building Insulation Facing

What Does It Cost To Insulate a 40 x 75 Metal Building?

Another way to ensure that you will save money down the road is fiberglass blanket insulation. Available with a white or black finish and a variety of thicknesses, blanket insulation is a surefire way to save hundreds to thousands of dollars throughout the life of your building.

For example, the standard 4” R-13 insulation is a popular choice due to offering great thermal value for its price. Insulating the roof and walls of your 40’ x 75’ building, for example, would only cost $3,940 to $4,220.00 before shipping!

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40×75 Metal Building Price Quote

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