How Much Does a 50’ x 75’ Metal Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings have become increasingly popular as new innovations offer design solutions for a variety of projects – all at an affordable price. Coming in at a generous 3,750 square feet, a 50’ x 75’ metal building is a good fit for a variety of residential and commercial projects such as:

  • Office Warehouses
  • Rentable Storefronts
  • Manufacturing Workshops
  • Government Facilities
  • And More!

Not only are metal buildings remarkably flexible from a design standpoint, they are also very affordable. Your 50’ x 75’ pre-engineered metal building, for example, would only cost between $52,200.00 and $56,200.00 plus shipping – that’s $13.92 to $14.98 per square foot! This price assumes design for a non-snow area with standard, light windspeeds. Your price may vary depending on local code requirements or special design considerations.  

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

50x75 Metal Building Cost

Accessories and Standing Seam Roofs

Your pre-engineered metal building will be custom made to fit the needs of your business, organization, or private use. A variety of doors, windows, and other accessories are available that allow you to have both utility and aesthetics; and even design intensive elements such as cranes or hangar doors can be accommodated while maintaining an economical price.

With buildings that are 50’ wide and wider, a popular design choice is to upgrade the standard screw-down roof to a standing seam roof. This places your roof panel on sliding clips, allowing your fasteners to experience less wear and tear over the course of your building’s lifespan.

It would only cost an additional $15,520.00 to $16,820.00 to upgrade the roof of your 50’ x 75’ metal building to the standing seam option.

Steel Roof Panels
Standing Seam Metal Roof

Insulation and Energy Savings

Compatible with both screw-down and standing seam roofs, one commonly used metal building accessory is fiberglass blanket insulation. Blanket insulation is simple to install between the framing and sheeting of your metal building during the erection process, comes with a white or black interior finish, and will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy savings.

There are a variety of thicknesses available, but 4” R-13 is by far the popular standard due to its value. For example, it would only cost between $4,540.00 and $4,860 to insulate both the roof and walls of your 50’ x 75’ metal building!

Double Layer Insulation

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50×75 Metal Building Price Quote

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