How Much Does a 30 x 80 Metal Building Cost?

Demand for pre-engineered metal buildings and the design flexibility they offer has never been higher. The modern, fast-paced business landscape requires structures that can be tailored to fit their use while saving time and money – and metal buildings meet that need!

A 30’ x 80’ metal building offers a generous 2,400 square feet of workspace that is ideal for auto garages, manufacturing workshops, warehousing, and more for a competitive price. A good budget for a 30’ x 80’ x 16’ pre-engineered metal building would be between $43,000.00 to $59,000.00 plus shipping as of June 2022 That’s $18.08 to $24.76 per square foot! This price is valid if the building is designed for non-snow areas with standard, low wind speeds. Your price may vary depending on your design load requirements and optional accessories.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

30x80 Metal Building

Endless Customization

A 30’ x 80’ pre-engineered metal building offers the space you need with the ability to customize and address the needs of your business. Overhead doors, windows, and louvered vents can be placed anywhere on the exterior of the building; crane systems of any variety can be designed for; and skylights can be installed to brighten up the workspace.

Some cities and counties will ask that your metal building meets various aesthetic requirements. This can be achieved by applying stone, brick, or stucco veneers to your metal sheeting; or you could insulate your building while achieving a stucco or embossed look through the use of insulated panels. These panels have foam thermal cores that will meet energy codes in any area, and the core has a metal skin on either side with a variety of finishes available.

Metal Building Overhead Door
Metal Building Door Frames

It is important to consider the end use of your buildings and plan for accessories and special design considerations at the beginning of your project. This allows your engineers to design the most economical and cost-effective building possible while saving you money on potential retro-fits!

Fiberglass Blanket Insulation

While insulated metal panels are an excellent option for meeting your energy needs, you may want to save money by simply placing fiberglass blanket insulation between the framing and sheeting of your metal building. This inexpensive solution will meet the local code requirements in most areas while offering an attractive white or black interior finish.

A number of thicknesses and R-values are available for your project. One example would be the standard 4” R-13 blankets, and insulating the roof and walls of your 30’ x 80’ metal building with this option would only add $3,750.00 to $4,020.00 to your project before shipping!

Steel Bracing Insulation
Metal Building Insulation Facing

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30×80 Metal Building Price Quote

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