How Much Does a 30’ x 100’ Metal Building Cost?

With applications across a variety of industries – agricultural, commercial, government, or even residential – pre-engineered metal buildings are a remarkably cost-effective solution when considering putting up a new structure. Offering an even 3,000 square foot floor plan, a 30’ x 100’ metal building would be an ideal fit for the following:

  • Feed and Grain Storage
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Metal Building Homes
  • Office and Retail Space
  • Equipment Storage Barns
  • And More

The design options and multi-purpose nature of pre-engineered metal buildings makes them an attractive option when considering your building project, and the good news is that they are available for far less than a similarly sized conventional structure. Your price may vary depending on your design load requirements and options, but – if designed for non-snow areas with light, standard wind-speeds – your 30’ x 100’ x 16’ pre-engineered metal building would only cost between $51,200.00  and $71,000 plus shipping as of June 2022. Or you could look at as being between $17.74 and $24.06 per square foot!

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

30x100 Metal Building


The end use of your pre-engineered metal building will determine many of the accessories or special design conditions you may want to consider. A grain storage building, for example, may benefit from insulation in the walls and ceiling to prevent condensation; a metal building home could use stucco or embossed insulated panel as cladding for aesthetic reasons; and retail buildings tend to have storefront doors and windows.

These accessories will add to your up-front costs while saving you money down the road. Retro-fitting accessories can be expensive but it is easily avoided! Metal buildings even offer the opportunity to design with future accessories in mind – eliminating any future headaches.

Insulate Your Wallet

One accessory that pays dividends immediately is a well-insulated building envelope. Fiberglass blanket insulation is simple to install during the erection of your building and will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the long career of your building.

4” R-13 insulation is the popular standard that offers great value and a painless setup. You would be able to insulate your entire 30’ x 100’ building – ceiling and walls – for only $4,320.00 to $4,660.00 before shipping. These rolls can even be pre-cut and labelled as a tailored fit for you building!

Steel Insulation

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30×100 Metal Building Price Quote

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