How Much Does a 60 x 120 Metal Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings allow private and commercial owners to have their new structure tailor-made to suit their needs for an affordable cost. Your 60’ x 120’ metal building, for example, will offer up 7,200 square feet of personalized space that would be perfect for any of the following:

  • Manufacturing Workshops
  • Shipping/Receiving Centers
  • Climate Controlled Warehouses
  • High School Basketball Gyms
  • Large Equipment Sheds
  • And Much More!

Designed for efficiency, your metal building will be structurally sound while offering great value for your dollar. In fact, your 60’ x 120’ building would cost between $79,840.00 and $86,500.00 before shipping, as of July 2021. That’s $11.08 to $12.02 per square foot!

This price assumes erection in a non-snow area with typical, light windspeeds and may vary depending on local code requirements or any special design elements.  

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

100x120 Metal Building

Made-To-Order: Accessories

A variety of accessories and building materials are available to you, and your metal building representative will work with you to make sure your building fits the needs of your project. A climate controlled warehouse, for example, may have high insulation requirements demanding the use of insulated metal panels; a logistics center will likely require overhead doors of various sizes; or you could simply want something aesthetic such as glass storefront doors, cupolas, or sky lights.

In any case, your building can be designed with pre-installed or future accessories in mind – potentially saving you time and money with expensive retro fits.

Insulation Savings

Regardless of your building’s end use, one accessory that is highly recommended is fiberglass blanket insulation. It can potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the life of your building and there are several thicknesses or configurations available depending on your needs. You can even choose between white or black for your interior finish!

The popular standard is 4” R-13, as it is simple to install during the erection of your building and offers excellent value. The roof and walls of your 60’ x 120’ metal building could be fully insulated with 4” R-13 for only $6,870.00 to $7,385.00 plus delivery as of June 2019. This price includes having the rolls custom cut to fit the shape of the building.

If higher R-values are needed, a standard solution is to add a second layer to your roof insulation – held up with steel banding – with the R-30 system being the most common. Upgrade your 4” R-13 package to include a double-layer R-30 roof system for an additional $5,730.00! This includes the necessary steel banding and tape.

Steel Bracing Insulation
Garage Insulation

Standing Seam Roof Option

Temperature changes can cause the metal sheeting on your roof to expand and contract. In a standard screw-down roof – and especially in buildings 60’ wide or wider – this movement places enough stress on the fasteners that they will eventually need replacing.

Back in the 1960’s, metal building engineers developed the solution to this problem in the form of standing seam roofs. These systems place your sheeting on sliding clips that move with the expansion and contraction of your panels, preventing wear and tear on the fasteners. This will help ensure that your metal building remains water tight over its long lifespan!

Pricing for standing seam roofs will vary, so please let your metal building representative know if you are interested in learning more!

Interested in a pre-engineered metal building and/or accessories? Get your customized quote here.

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