How Much Does a 50’ x 60’ Metal Building Cost?

When you need both design flexibility and affordability in your new structure, pre-engineered metal buildings are the strong option. A 50’ x 60’ metal building offers 3,000 square feet to work with and is ideal in a variety of applications – residential, commercial, or even governmental. Perfect for:

  • Garages or Auto Repair Shops
  • Equipment Storage
  • Light Aircraft Hangars
  • Recreation Facilities
  • And More!

Metal building engineers are experts at designing buildings with maximum efficiency in mind – resulting in structures that as sturdy and cost effective as possible. Assuming it is designed for non-snow areas with typically low windspeeds, your 50’ x 60’ pre-engineered metal building would cost between $14.06 and $15.14 per square foot – or between $42,200.00 and $45,400.00 before shipping!

Your price may vary depending on local code requirements or special design considerations.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

50x60 Metal Building
Steel Roof Panels

Standing Seam Option

Pre-engineered metal buildings use screw-down panels as the standard roof option, with exposed fasteners tying the panel directly to the frame. Properly installed, screw-down roofs will only need to have their fasteners replaced every ten to fifteen years to remain weather tight.

Many metal building owners, however, opt to have their roofs upgraded to standing seam. Standing seam roofs use special sliding clips to counteract the movement caused by natural heat expansion and contraction in the panels. This reduces stress on the fasteners and maintains weather tightness with minimal to no maintenance required!

To upgrade your 50’ x 60’ metal buildings panel to the standing seam option, it would only be an additional $6,780.00 to $7,300.00.

Accessories and Insulation

Other options for your pre-engineered metal building include a variety of accessories. Overhead doors of various sizes, glass storefront doors, and windows are available depending on your logistic needs; ridge vents, wall vents, and cupolas offer some utility; and fiberglass glass blanket insulation, popular for any type of building, is available in several thicknesses and thermal values.

4” R-13 blanket insulation, for example, is the popular standard that offers long-term savings for a low up front cost. The roof and walls of your 50’ x 60’ metal building could be insulated with 4” R-13 for only $3,350.00 to $3,630.00 before shipping!

Energy Saving Insulation
Metal Building Insulation Facing

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50×60 Metal Building Price Quote

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