How Much Does a 100×100 Metal Building Cost?

When needing a safe, secure and cost-effective solution to a large-scale operation, a 100×100 metal building kit is a viable option to consider. An industrial warehouse, equestrian building, auto repair shop, or recreation center is easily attainable with a 10,000 square foot steel building. These are just a few options for a building this size. While there are a plethora of possibilities, understanding the purpose is the first step in calculating price.

Typically, a pre-fabricated 100×100 metal building materials cost will range between $17.20 to $24.70. In today’s market, a steel building cost ranges from $178,000 and $249,600.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

100x100 Metal Building

Remember to include other important factors when planning and estimating the cost of any metal building.

  • What is the purpose of the building?
  • What weather conditions will affect the building?
    • Snow Load
    • Wind Load
  • Will the building be for commercial or private use?
  • What contents will be in the building?
  • How many entrances are needed?
    • What type of doors are needed?
  • What additional features will your building require?
    • Skylights?
    • Windows?
    • Ventilation?
    • High R Insulation Packages?

Regardless of your building project, erecting a steel building is the best option in today’s construction industry. The buildings are superiorly engineered to your requested design specifications, stay true for years to come and are cost-effective both up front and in the long run.

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100×100 Metal Building Price Quote

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