How Much Does a 60×80 Steel Building Cost?

Commercial and industrial owners are favoring the 60×80 pre-fabricated metal building kit to erect their structures. The 4,800 square foot clear-span opening is ideal for a variety of purposes including:

  • Equestrian Barns
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Workshops
  • Commercial Offices
  • Self-Storage Units

Metal building costs are typically presented in price per square foot. Current market rates have steel costing between $18.00 to $25.60 per square foot. For a 60×80 steel building you can expect a total cost ranging from $86,400 and $119,200. This cost is for the kit only.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

60x80 Metal Building

Figuring out the cost for your 60×80 steel building depends on a different factors from geography and location to components and features. Important dynamics to consider for your steel building design are:

  • Weather Factors
    • Snow Load
    • Wind Load
  • Insulation Packages
  • Exterior Façade Customizations

This large scale building can be designed to fit your requested specifications. Additional features will influence the end cost accordingly. However, whether used as an agricultural building, storage unit or warehouse, your 60×80 pre-fabricated steel building can be equipped with necessary components to ensure a fully functional structure.

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60×80 Metal Building Price Quote

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