How Much Does It Cost to Build a 24×24 Metal Garage?

24x24 Garage

When you have valuable cars, trucks or toys to protect, it’s tough to top steel construction. A cost-effective alternative to a traditional wood garage, a prefabricated steel garage may cost as much as 50% less, and it’s also easier to construct since it arrives at your build site with some components already put together.

So, how much might it cost you to build a metal garage? If you plan to store two vehicles inside, we recommend a 24’x24’ garage. This should give you enough room to park two vehicles and still be able to enter and exit each without moving the other. While final costs can vary substantially based on factors such as whether you insulate it, whether you already have a foundation in place, whether you must comply with strict building codes and how complex your garage design is, here’s a breakdown that should give you a general idea of what you’re facing.

Material Expenses 

If you do not have to meet strict wind or snow load requirements, you may find that a 24’x24’ prefabricated steel garage costs you between roughly $17.22 and $19.44 per square foot. So, for 576 square feet of garage space, you are looking at paying between $9,918.72 and $11,197.44 for materials.

Erection Expenses 

When it comes to raising your steel garage, plan to pay between roughly $6 and $10 a square foot for a basic project. So, for the 576 square-foot space, you’re looking at paying between $3,304 and $5,608 to erect it.

Final Expenses 

Once you factor in the cost of materials and the cost of erection, expect to pay somewhere in the range of $7,263.36 and $10,206.72 for a basic pre-engineered steel garage.
(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

Keep in mind that in comparison to alternative construction options, steel garages require very little in terms of upkeep or maintenance, which leads to additional savings over the life of your building.