What Is The Difference Between Knock Down and Pre-Assembled Walk Doors

One of the most important components to any functioning building are its doors. While plenty of customization options exist to make the entrance to your building fit your design needs, there are two common methods to which metal building doors personal entry doors are supplied. During the planning phase of your metal building project, you will have the option of choosing between pre-assembled or knock down doors. Both are strong, protective and easy to install, but consider the differences when planning how you want your doors installed.

Pre-Assembled Metal Doors

Quick Facts

  • Speedy Installation
  • Customization Options
  • Arrives On Site Ready for Install

Entirely assembled in a factory-controlled environment, the pre-assembled metal door is strong, sturdy and easy to install on site. All requested components, framework and necessary hardware materials are included with a pre-assembled door. Erectors favor this option as it saves time during the construction phase of the metal building project. Additionally, as the door is completely assembled and crated before shipping to the site, there is no need to worry about lost or damaged parts.

Metal Building Door Frames
Preassembled Metal Door

Knock Down Doors

Quick Facts

  • Design Flexibility
    • Swing Direction
    • Handle Variation
  • Easy Install
  • Economical

When flexibility and cost-effectiveness are in mind, the knock-down door is a superior option for your metal building project. These doors are supplied as a system to be installed on site. Each component that completes your knock-down door is engineered to the highest of standards and securely delivered to your site based on your requested design specifications. The knock-down door will require some on-site assembly, but is still easily installed and economical, making it one of the top choices for metal building projects.

Unique needs and design specifications will help determine which type of door will be the best fit in your metal building. Nevertheless, either the pre-assembled or knock-down doors are exceptional options for your building project.

Good To Know!

An experienced installer typically estimates four hours per door for complete assembly and install.

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