Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Metal Building Project

When you invest in a metal building, it pays – literally – to find the right manufacturer. Not all metal building manufacturers uphold the same standards, and selecting one based on price or proximity, alone, may come back to bite you.

At Metal Building Price Guide, we help you find the right manufacturer for your metal building project, taking into account budget, freight costs, reputation, warranties, building type and so much more. When helping you choose a steel building fabricator, here are some of the many areas we consider.

Manufacturer location

When possible and appropriate, we try to connect you with a metal building manufacturer that is close to you geographically. The major benefit to this is that it can save you quite a bit of money on freight and shipping costs.

Project Complexity

Some manufacturers specialize in manufacturing basic, standard metal buildings and building sizes, while others have a reputation for creating more complex steel building designs. We can help recommend manufacturers that should be able to best serve your needs based on the complexity of your building’s design.

Limited Design Criteria

The design teams of the various manufacturers specialize in certain building types. For instance, one design team may design buildings that can accommodate cranes or mezzanines, while others will not. We can save you valuable time by steering you away from building manufacturers that won’t be able to meet your building’s needs.

Delivery Schedules

We have access to over (30) factory locations which includes the shipping and delivery schedules of many of today’s top steel building manufacturers. If time is a concern, we can pass this information along to you and help you choose a manufacturer that can accommodate your tight schedule.

Metal Building Manufacturer

Your Go-To Source for Metal Building Manufacturers

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a metal building fabricator. There’s also a lot of variation in terms of quality and consistency in the industry. To combat this inconsistency, we commit to doing the following when working with your manufacturer:

Set precise manufacturing specifications to ensure delivery of a complete, correct building kit

  • Maintain quality control when selecting your manufacturer
  • Guarantee that the manufacturer we recommend corrects any fabrication errors
  • Offer warranties and quality assurance programs
  • Oversee your project from conception through completion of delivery & service during erection
  • Provide exceptional customer service every step of the way

Have questions about specific manufacturers or manufacturer capabilities, or need help selecting one for your next metal building project? Call 888.960.6437 or click here to access our 3D Building Designer today.

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