Montana Metal Buildings

Montana Metal Buildings

Montana Metal Building Regulation Considerations

As with any other type of building material, prefab metal building kits should meet certain state-specific regulations. Failure to comply may result in fines, fees, and even legal action. Prevent unwanted problems (and expenses) by researching the laws in your area. Currently, metal buildings in Montana are subject to 2012 IECC regulations. All counties, including major counties like Yellowstone, Missoula, Gallatin, Flathead, Cascade, and Lewis and Clark, are in zone 6B.

Benefits of Metal Buildings in Montana

Home to wide open spaces, majestic mountains, and glistening lakes, Montana is the outdoorsman’s paradise. Despite its beauty, however, Montana weather is often harsh and unforgiving. Massive snowstorms, subzero temperatures, and hurricane-strength winds are just a few of the phenomena common in big sky country. Buildings have to be tough to hopefully outlast such extreme conditions, and pre-engineered metal buildings are as tough as it gets. Our selection of prefab metal building kits is just what you need to stand up to Mother Nature.

Our Superior Metal buildings are:

  • Water and fire resistant
  • Durable and load-bearing
  • Variety of energy saving insulation options
  • Step by step installation process
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Customizable

Common Uses for Metal Buildings in Montana

Metal buildings can be used for a number of unique purposes. Metal buildings supplied by our companies can be found throughout the state of Montana, in cities like Bozeman, Missoula, Billings, Helena, Great Falls, Butte, Kalispell, Anaconda, Belgrade, Miles City, Whitefish, Livingston, Laurel and more. Pre-engineered metal building kits are often used for:

  • Agriculture: Thanks to their strength and weather resistance, metal buildings are an ideal way to protect livestock and perishable goods from the elements. Our superior metal erected buildings can be used for barns, barndominiums, riding arenas, silos, and everything in between.
  • Residential: Kiss your high energy bills goodbye. Metal buildings are known for their high insulation potential, making them a great choice for houses, guest houses, sheds, mini storage, and more.
  • Commercial: Metal buildings are used by a variety of businesses. Metal erected buildings make great office buildings, storefronts, and even recreation centers.
  • Industrial: When you store equipment in a metal building, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll be protected no matter what. That’s why prefab metal building kits are commonly used for warehouses, garages, storage units, and airplane hangars
Montana Metal Building

How to Buy Used Metal Buildings in Montana

Don’t want to shell out for a new metal building? You don’t have to. We have suppliers across the country with a large selection of factory-second metal buildings for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re looking for— we’ll do everything we can to make your dream a reality. For more information about inventory and prices, contact us to be connected to a metal building manufacturer near you.

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