How Much Does a 4,900 Square Foot Metal Building Cost?

Anyone considering a new structure will find that pre-engineered metal buildings offer a unique mix of design flexibility, cost-efficiency, and ease of erection that makes them an affordable option without sacrificing any needed features. Your 4,900 square foot space can be tailor made to accommodate any number of uses, such as:

  • Manufacturing Floors
  • Feed and Grain Storage
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Retail Space
  • And Much More!

The eventual end use and the layout of your property will help you determine the overall shape of your building, but even when two buildings are otherwise identical – square footage, eave height, roof type, etc. – simply changing the width and length can impact your cost.

How much does a 35’ x 140’ metal building cost?

Distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and certain warehousing layouts can all benefit from being housed in a long, narrow structure. A metal building of this shape will have lighter frames due to the width, but more of them overall to accommodate the length.

Your average 35’ x 140’ metal building would cost between $32,290 and $34,980 before delivery – which works out to between $6.59 and $7.14 per square foot over 4,900 square feet.

How much does a 70’ x 70’ metal building cost?

As a general rule of thumb, square metal buildings will usually enjoy a significantly lower price compared to differently shaped buildings of the same square footage. Fewer and wider frames mean that the steel can be designed for maximum efficiency – which translates to savings!

A typically designed 70’ x 70’ metal building, for example, would only cost $29,120 to $31,540 before shipping. That is only $5.94 to $6.44 per square foot over 4,900 square feet!

Accessories and Insulation

After you have determined the shape of your building, your metal building representative will help you select between the various accessories available to you. Metal entry doors and overhead (or rollup) doors help improve accessibility; ventilation and skylights will drastically improve usability; and windows, insulated metal panels, and any number of color options can help improve aesthetics.

Fiberglass blanket insulation – the most popular accessory – will do all three while saving you money! Available in a variety of thicknesses and either a white or black interior finish, the material is simple to install and will help to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the long life of your building.

The current standard is 4” R-13 as it offers excellent value for your dollar and is simple to install between your framing and panel. All of the materials needed to insulate the roof and walls of your 4,900 square foot metal building with 4” R-13 would only cost between $4,550 and $5,545 – depending on the shape you choose!

Insulation Kits

The prices above were determined in September of 2019 and are subject to change. Building Prices assume erection in a non-snow area with typical, low windspeeds and may vary depending on local code requirements, accessories, and any special design elements.

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