Why are Metal Buildings the Best Option for Mini Storage?

The demand for extra storage is rapidly growing. New mini-storage units are popping everywhere we turn. Some will last for generations to come. Others are put together cheaply and require frequent maintenance. The structures that suffer are usually ones that are not constructed from metal.

Metal self-storage buildings are commonly designed and constructed using steel. Steel is the best option in comparison to other building materials as they offer inexpensive material, quick assembly, low maintenance costs, strength and protection against harsh environmental elements and have endless customizable options to fit any unique or intricate design. Mini-storage can be, and is often a generational business. Therefore it is critical selecting the best building material to avoid passing on a maintenance nightmare.

Other types of construction material (brick, stucco or concrete) have a much higher cost per square foot in comparison to steel. Additionally, these other materials may require extra permits or complex foundation designs. Metal buildings circumvent this all together and in fact, lends to a speedy design process. Drawings can be developed as soon as 8 weeks from the time the order is placed. The quick turnaround aids in a quick assembly process.

Another option is to use a wood frame with common metal panels for the exterior. This combination poses future problems as the wood will expand and contract against the steel, loosening the fasteners. Another obstacle lies with the interior truss, which is a standard 4:12 pitch. Due to this higher and steeper roof slope, the partitioning panels will need to be longer making it more difficult to close in the upper area between units. Metal building kits for mini-storage also remain more affordable than lumber constructed units.

All options may include a metal roll up type door usually provided by a major door manufacturer as a part of the mini-storage building purchase. This is just one of the many features that will be included in the building kit. Many steel manufacturers are a ‘whole-package supplier’ granting convenient access to all building components

Using metal allows the buildings to stand up to harsh weather, such as snow, hail, high winds, and more. Pre-fabricated mini storage buildings require little maintenance since all of the engineering is included at state of the art production facilities.

Ultimately, steel is the most prestigious choice for a mini-storage structure. Owners hope to see their business flourish well into the future and erecting a metal building is the first step to that success.

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