Tips for Successful Metal Building Self-Storage Development

When choosing self-storage development, there are some considerations to take into account which include the zoning of the land you have chosen, civil ground work required, visibility, land restrictions and/or accessibility. A primary element to the success of your self-storage development is appropriate site selection.

Some essential features for your metal building self-storage development to consider include: building size(s), number of unit and/or types of units, setbacks, outdoor approaches, parking, water retention and step-downs to accommodate property slopes. Are you considering multi-story buildings or drive-up approaches? Design professionals will help assist with a customized plan that will provide you with the expertise to ensure successful construction of your building project.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for larger and wider buildings; allowing more rentable space within a building envelope for prospective clients. Are you considering a rural versus a commercially suburban area? Rural areas will typically be more cost-effective in terms of drive-up units. In a city-oriented area where the acreage is more limited, you will want to maximize your site with wide climate controlled structures which use minimal isle area.

Another piece of the process to be mindful about is unit type and size. Adding variety to your units may increase the ‘rent-ability’ by more than 30%. If you want a drive-up only site, consider how much acreage the grades, elevations and access may eat up your site purchase. Remember for every $100 more per month you bring in equates to $24,000 over a 20 year span.

Self-storage development universal considersations include:

  • A General Office that both invites and impresses your customers
  • Easy access Entrance and Exit (can be one and the same)
  • Video cameras for security
  • Cart storage for moving carts to mobilize throughout your facility
  • Covered loading areas, which have become an expected amenity for storage developments

Re-assess your accessibility for inclement weather conditions, as well as assuring your development does not include any ‘dead-ends’ to ensure accessibility of large truck turn-arounds. Planning your site in advance to include these specifications will surely give you a higher occupancy and consistency in the storage development business.

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