How Much Does a 10,000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost?

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer a mix of design flexibility and efficiency that makes them the affordable option for large-scale projects. Depending on your configuration, your 10,000 square foot metal building could be made into any of the following:

  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Multi-Bay Hangar
  • Warehousing Space
  • Large Office and Retail Areas
  • Equipment Storage
  • And Much More!

Using different widths and lengths for your metal building – even as the square footage, eave heights, accessories, and etc. stay the same – can have a notable impact on the price. Here are three examples that help to demonstrate this:

How much does a 50’ x 200’ metal building cost?

A classic, rectangular shape makes for a building with a wide range of potential applications. The popular 50’ x 200’ metal building serves as a good baseline, starting between $58,080 and $62,920 before delivery – or $5.81 to $6.29 per square foot for 10,000 square feet.

50x200 Metal Building

How much does a 40’ x 250’ metal building cost?

Depending on the property or application of your building, a longer and narrower building can be the most appropriate fit. The narrow width allows for lighter frames while the additional length requires more frame lines – meaning the price of your 40’ x 250’ metal building would start between $60,820 and $65,880 – or $6.08 to $6.59 per square foot for 10,000 square feet.

40x250 Metal Building

How much does a 100’ x 100’ metal building cost?

The 100’ length on this building means that fewer frame lines are needed on this building, compared to the other examples, while the 100’ width means that the frames will need to be slightly heavier. Even so, this is the most efficient set of dimensions when considering a 10,000 square foot space! Your 100’ x 100’ starts between $56,480 and $61,180 before delivery – or $5.65 to $6.12 per square foot.

It is worth noting that buildings wider than 50’ often become more cost-efficient when a series of columns are installed down the center of the building. In this example, you would save around $5,800 dollars with the use of center columns.

100x100 Metal Building

Accessories and Insulation

Your metal building will be designed to meet the specific needs of your business or project, and your metal building representative will work with you to choose between the various accessories available to you. Steel or glass entry doors, overhead doors, windows, and various aesthetic elements will contribute to the look and logistics of your building; and several quality-of-life upgrades – such as skylights and vents – will improve working conditions.

One accessory that improves both the aesthetics and usability of your interior is fiberglass blanket insulation. This material is highly recommended for any metal building as it helps climate control your space, helps to prevent your metal from ‘sweating’ with condensation, and will save you thousands of dollars in energy costs over the long life of your building.

Several thicknesses and thermal values are available depending on the needs of your project or location of your building, but the popular standard in fiberglass blanket insulation is the 4” R-13. The material is available with a clean white or black protective facing, and it is cut to fit the dimensions of your building – which means that the overall dimensions of your building will have an impact on your insulation price.

With that in mind, insulating the roof and walls of your 10,000 square foot metal building with 4” R-13 insulation would only cost between $8,588 and $11,140!

Steel Insulation
Metal Building Insulation Install

The prices above were determined in July of 2019 and are subject to change. Building prices assume 18’ eave heights, clear span frames (unless noted otherwise), and erection in a non-snow area with typical, low windspeeds. They may vary depending on local code requirements or any special design elements.

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