What Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Riding Arena?

Horse Riding Arena

A steel outdoor equestrian arena gives you a chance to train or ride horses in an open-air environment without having to worry about climate- or daylight-related limitations. These pre-engineered riding arenas have open walls, giving you and your animals plenty of fresh air, but they also offer coverage from above, keeping you and your horses clean and dry even in inclement weather.

Often the main infrastructure at equestrian centers, steel arenas are affordable, long-lasting and easy and fast to erect in comparison with alternative arena types. So, how much might a metal equestrian arena cost you?

Size Matters 

The size of your building plays a role in how much it’ll cost you per square foot. Typically, larger steel arenas offer lower costs per square foot than smaller ones. Your arena’s intended use should give you an idea of how large of an outdoor arena you need. If you plan to use it for dressage tests, for example, you may not need as much space as you would if you plan to use it for jumping.

For the sake of estimating prices, though, let’s say you’re looking to build an 80’x200’ equestrian arena, which is one of the most popular sizes we supply.

Estimating the Cost of Materials for an 80’x200’ Arena 

Many people who purchase large steel riding arenas wind up paying between about $11.00 and $12.70 a square foot for their buildings. So, for the 16,000 square feet of space an 80’x200’ steel arena provides, you are looking at paying somewhere between about $176,000 and $203,200 to cover the cost of materials.

Estimating the Cost of Construction for an 80’x200’ Arena

Most people find that it costs between $6 and $10 per square foot to erect their steel arenas. For that 80’x200’ arena, then, you’re looking at paying between about $68,000 and $130,000 to raise it.

Altogether, an 80’x200’ steel equestrian arena may cost you between about $304,000 and $459,200. Keep in mind that smaller arenas may have higher per-square-foot price tags, and that the customizations you make to your building will also affect its final price.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)