How Much Does It Cost to Build a Metal Parking Garage?

Parking Garage

Durable, economical and aesthetically pleasing, steel parking garages are increasingly replacing concrete ones across many parts of the country. Modern steel parking garages are common in multifamily communities including apartments, condos and townhouses, and they are also a popular choice among business owners.

Steel parking garages offer numerous advantages in comparison with alternatives, including:

  • Lower construction costs
  • Lower foundational costs
  • Lower costs of maintenance
  • Easy expansion opportunities

…and more. The amount you will spend on a steel parking garage will vary based on its size, design complexity, wind and snow load requirements, and the market price of steel, among related factors. However, you can get a general idea of what you are looking at for a basic model by knowing your desired building’s size.

Estimating Metal Parking Garage Costs

For a one-story steel parking garage appropriate for a multi-family setting or business, consider a structure that is 200’x100’ or bigger. For a basic steel parking garage of this size (which gives you 20,000 usable square feet of space), plan to pay somewhere in the range of $11.00 to $15.60 per square foot to for materials and between about $6 and $10 per square foot for erection.

So, for a 200’x100’ steel parking garage, you’re looking at spending between about $380,000 and $632,000 in total to engineer the structure and have it raised and ready for use. If you are erecting your metal parking garage in an area prone to strong winds and/or heavy snowfall, you may need to engineer your building in accordance with building codes, which may raise prices.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

Steel parking garages are low-maintenance and structurally sound, so they offer low lifetime costs of maintenance. Budget-friendly and easy to customize, pre-engineered metal garages offer the durability, design flexibility and structural integrity only steel can deliver.