How Much Does It Cost to Build an RV Carport?

Roof Only Steel Building

An RV carport protects your valuable investment against the elements, rust and other possible sources of damage, and a prefabricated steel RV carport is one of the most durable and economical options available. In addition to keeping your camper clean and dry, it also helps it retain more of its resale value in the event that you might sell it somewhere down the line.

Because many metal RV carports lack exterior walls and are roof-only structures, they often cost much less than a standard steel building. How much of an investment are you looking at for your metal RV carport?


The cost of your steel carport will depend on several variables, among them:

  • Whether you enclose it
  • What type of roof and pitch you select
  • Size
  • Whether you must comply with wind and snow load requirements

However, having an idea of how big your carport will be should give you a place to start. Let’s say you decide on a 20’x30’ RV carport, which gives you 600 square feet of space to store your camper.

Cost Estimates

An enclosed steel RV carport in this size should cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $17.22 and $19.44 per square foot for materials and between about $4 and $8 per square foot for erection. After factoring in both, you’re looking at an initial investment of between about $15,132 and $21,264.

A roof-only RV carport, on the other hand, will run you roughly a quarter of the cost of a complete building. So, for a 20’x30’ metal roof-only RV carport, expect to pay somewhere between about $3,783 to $5,316 to design and erect it.

(*Due to unforeseen economic changes beyond our control; prices and availability are subject to change.)

Keep in mind that these estimates are appropriate for metal RV carports that do not have to meet stringent wind or snow load requirements, and that doing so may increase costs.

Storing your RV in a carport, regardless of whether it is enclosed or roof-only, reduces how much maintenance you have to do for it. It also grants you easy access to your camper throughout the year while protecting your investment against falling trees, UV rays, rain, snow and ice, and other potential hazards.