Metal Building Insulation Systems that Provide a Real Payback

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Over the years, it has become evident that insulation boasts a number of benefits. Insulating a metal building creates massive savings in terms of energy costs, and while this is a major benefit of insulating your building, it’s only one of many. Adding fiberglass insulation to your building’s roof or walls can give interior comfort a considerable boost regardless of outside climate. It can also help improve sound control by minimizing outside noise and muffling the noise of your inside operation.

The cost of insulation is relatively low, and this is particularly true given how much insulating your metal building will ultimately pay for itself in the long run. Over time, your insulation costs are absorbed, and your investment in metal building insulation will pay off in the several favorable ways.

Substantial Energy Savings

How quick of a return on investment for insulation depends on factors including size, regional climates, and the R-Value measurement rating. Thermal energy loss occurs when temperature controlled air escapes an uninsulated, or poorly insulated building. Insulation is exceptional in humid environments by protecting against moisture build up. There are varying insulation thicknesses to fit your buildings needs and further save money on energy. Lastly, a vapor barrier or thermal block can be inserted to maximize savings

In many cases, metal building owners see their energy costs decrease by as much as 50 percent after insulating, in which case the steel building insulation cost may pay for itself within only two years’ time. A good way to look at it is for every $100 per month you save in energy costs, equates to $24,000 over a 20 year time span.

Decreased Wear & Tear on Mechanical Systems

Have you ever been in a building or home where the buildings’ mechanical system, air conditioner or furnace, continually turns on and off? How annoying! This pesky issue can be avoided or fixed with sufficient insulation. When the interior and building envelopes are properly sealed, the mechanical systems will thrive. As a result, there is less required maintenance on these systems. This is a tremendous cost savings over time and not realized in your day to day or annual calculations.

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Interior Comfort & Lighting Enhancements

Regardless of its purpose, an insulated metal building makes for a more pleasant, productive and enjoyable environment. People are protected with the use of insulation by maintaining a consistent, desirable temperatures. The white facing options provide for a satisfying brighter interior finish.

Sound Control Boost

Metal building insulation systems also help with noise control. Installing insulation to a steel building will prevent unwanted sounds from penetrating inwards, but also aid in acoustic and echo control within the erected structure. Rest assured that distractions due to sound will be at a minimum. The outside noise filter is appreciated not just by people, but by animals in agricultural buildings as well.

Tax Benefits

Certain tax credits and deductions reward “green” builders for maintaining environmentally friendly building practices, and those insulating metal buildings may be eligible for such tax breaks. Again, several factors play into the amount of the tax benefit, especially the R-Value measurement.

In weighing the costs versus the benefits, insulating a steel building is a no brainer! It is a great way to make them more affordable, functional and comfortable. There are numerous options available to the different insulation systems. No matter which system or customization options that you apply, the greatest benefit comes in dollars saved.

Cost of insulation products

Different styles translate to different prices. Two of the most common insulation types are spray on insulation and pre-cut fiberglass.

Spray on insulation averages to $1 per square foot per inch of insulation. 1” of spray on insulation equates to an R-7 insulation value. This is an installed price and can only be used in new construction or buildings with no other insulation on the walls because it adheres to the inside of the exterior metal panels.

Fiberglass insulation costs range from 35 cents per square foot for 3” R-10 to $1.25 for double layer 9.5” R-30. This is an uninstalled price. This is typically installed by the metal building erector and the cost associated with the install is in the metal building erection bid. Most retro-fit insulation projects are done by the building owner. However, for convenience, there are insulation crews that specialize in this type of work.