How Much Does a Metal Mini-Storage Building Cost?

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Pre-fabricated metal building kits are excellent options for your mini-storage needs. Metal buildings are much more affordable and durable than traditional building construction. For a lucrative business like mini or self-storage, the more you can save, the greater your business can grow.

Since mini storage units typically don’t require many features, metal building kits are a wonderful selection to ensure premium functionality. A materials only package for a metal mini storage building can range from $7 to $10 per square foot. This cost includes all the materials needed to complete a standard self-storage building design.

Standard Packages for Mini-Storage kits include

  • Stamped engineered drawings
  • Colored high rib 26 gauge exterior wall panels
  • Galvalume high rib 26 gauge roof panels
  • Galvalume 29 gauge partition panels
  • Fasteners including base concrete anchors
  • Upgraded wind rated base clip design
  • Complete trim package with base trim
  • Roof and eave sealant package
  • Foam closures at eaves under roof panels
  • Standard colored roll up doors

While that is a hefty package with a lot of inclusions, there are still a few elements you will need additional funding for. It may not include gutters and downspouts, freight and foundation design. Nor does the package include costs associated with labor, site work, electrical or concrete.

Typically, foundation designs for a single building add around $1000 to the cost. When all is said and done, to erect a metal mini-storage building with a concrete floor and labor, the total cost will be less than $20 per square foot. This does not include concrete isle ways, site work or other cost associated with the project design or local building department requirements.

Adding custom upgrades will likely increase the square footage cost. However, a mini storage building doesn’t usually require additional features outside of the standard building kit. Available upgrades include climate control, exterior designs, and interior fixtures.

Are you interested in purchasing a mini storage building? Whether you’re looking for an investment property or personal storage, there are many options to make your dreams come true, without breaking the bank.

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