Vapor Barriers Improve Metal Building Envelope Performance

Metal buildings are ever popular due to their cost-effectiveness, durability and longevity. Protecting this valuable investment is also essential to prolonging the life for a comfortable and secure building environment.

A common issue to any building, regardless of building material is sealing the building from unwanted intrusions. Moisture, specifically, make their way in creating more problems. However, metal buildings allow for a few sufficient solutions. Modern technology has improved the effectiveness of metal building vapor barriers, making them a highly sought after feature.

Energy-Saver Insulation Systems

Energy-Saver systems are a superior application of insulation for metal buildings. This vapor-barrier system keeps moisture from reaching the metal surface of the building. It resists rust, corrosion, dust or other moisture-related damages to the building itself. Additionally, a vapor barrier aids in limiting odors, reducing molds and other allergens, as well as eliminating insect infestations.

A vapor barrier is evaluated by how much moisture can pass through the material. The Energy-Saver fabric liner uses a durable, vapor retardant to produce enough space for the insulation thickness which will have the appropriate permeability for air circulation. This seamless, tear-resistant fabric liner is supported by a grid pattern which creates a space for uncompressed insulation. When the Energy-Saver liner is installed, it is fully OSHA compliant for fall protection anywhere on your roof.

The Energy-Saver walls are installed completely indoors, away from weather constraints and issues. Further, the Energy-Saver liner is installed on the interior plane of the walls, concealing the secondary structural steel and further limiting its exposure to indoor air-conditioning and heating. The liner is custom-cut for each wall; minimizing bulging and dimpling of metal wall panels.

Proper Vapor Barrier Installation Methods

A critical feature of a vapor barrier is correct installation. An incorrectly installed vapor barrier can allow moisture to accumulate by more than 40%. The Energy-Saver wall system is simply cut to fit your girt spacing’s and then fastened by rigid installation hangers which hold the system taut and smooth, creating a formidable and appropriate vapor barrier.

When budgets are tight, the use of the energy-saver fabric might not be the best option. However, there are still viable vapor barrier solutions to effectively keep moisture out. Single and double layer insulation rolls include facing which resists vapor in itself. The polypropylene facing is laminated to the fiberglass blankets to maintain a continuous vapor retarder.

Defending your steel building from all elements will result in longer lifespan, security of your valuables inside, and a decrease in cost of ownership. Applying a vapor retarder is a beneficial in meeting these goals, and is not a costly project.

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