Washington Metal Buildings

Washington Metal Buildings

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Building in Washington

Like any other building material, prefab metal erected buildings must meet certain requirements upon installation. Failure to comply with local rules and regulations may result in expensive fees, fines, and even legal action. Be sure to familiarize yourself with Washington’s laws before purchasing a metal building. Washington building requirements vary by jurisdiction, though many use 2015 IECC codes. The state of Washington is divided into four distinct climate zones:

  • Zone 4C: includes Clark, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, and  Snohomish counties
  • Zone 5B: includes Benton, Chelan, Franklin, Grant, and Spokane counties
  • Zone 5C: includes Yakima county
  • Zone 6B: includes Ferry, Okanogan, and Pend Oreille Counties

For more information about restrictions in your county, visit the online COMchecker.

Benefits of Metal Buildings in Washington

Home to gorgeous mountains, lush forests, and breathtaking beaches, Washington state is the jewel of the Northwest coast. Despite its appeal, however, Washington can be unforgiving. Rainy days, humid air, and rocky coasts pose many unique problems for building construction. Luckily, metal buildings are ideal for many of Washington’s unique demands. Our superior metal buildings are:

  • Resistant to rain, wind, fire, and constant dampness
  • Strong and durable
  • Load-bearing
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive to maintain

Types of Metal Buildings in Washington

Metal buildings can be found across the state in cities like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Kent, Everett, Renton, Yakima, Kirkman, Bellingham, and more. Prefab metal buildings in Washington are commonly used for industries such as:

  • Agriculture: Metal barns, bardominiums, and storage units are a reliable way to protect produce and livestock from exposure.
  • Commercial: Thanks to their versatility, pre-engineered metal building kits are often used for storefronts, outlet stores, office buildings, parking garages, and even airline hangars.
  • Energy: Washington’s clean energy boom demands job sites that can be built quickly. Our superior metal buildings are easy to install, making them a great choice for warehouses, temporary offices, plants, warehouses, and more.
  • Manufacturing and Technology: Expensive machines, computer systems, and software innovations need safe and reliable storage. Our superior metal buildings can be used for sheds, mini-storage, annexes, and even startup offices.
  • Maritime: When faced with Pacific winds and wet conditions, most building materials just don’t cut it. Pre-engineered metal buildings are naturally water-resistant and are perfect for boat storage, fish farms, and hatcheries.

Discounted Used Metal Buildings in Washington

If you’re in the market for a metal building, you don’t have to splurge on a brand-new model. Used metal buildings offer all the benefits of new buildings for a fraction of the price. We have suppliers across the country who are determined to get you the lowest possible price on a variety of factory-second metal building kits and metal erected buildings. Inventory varies by manufacturer. To be connected to a manufacturer near you, contact us to learn more about your options.

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